Friday, September 16, 2016


Today we took our 1st Reading tests!
I will give the children the chance to defend themselves on our comprehension test.  If they feel their choice was right they may challenge me as long as they write a reason to defend why they chose the answer they did.   If you want to challenge me, return your test packet with your reason written out and it will be considered! 
I create a fraction for the grades and teach the children what it means and I give them a %, too.  Anyone with 100% or more gets a ticket for each one. 
Please sign and return the paper to the back sleeve with the folder on Monday.  You can hold onto the work.  Unless you are challenging me!  I love when students can challenge their answers and they are often given credit!  Take a chance!  Stand up for yourself! You never know if you don't try!  Make an effort!

Please review your errors and come back to school with comments or questions.  I can explain anything you didn't understand.

I also put announcements and notices in the Friday Folder!  Scholastic Book Orders and a Reading log went home today, too!

? Egg, tadpole, __________, frog.   Which stage is missing from the frog's life cycle?

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