Thursday, September 15, 2016


?What is the name of a baby spider? 

LA:  tomorrow we will have our first spelling, grammar and comprehension test.  Use the Reader's Notebook to study.  Please return your homework packet(green) tomorrow to get credit.  
1.  We will have the 14 basic spelling words and 2 review words on the test.  I will give the 2 challenge words for extra credit.  
2.  You will have 4 grammar questions about subject (who?) and predicates (what?) and incomplete sentences(fragments).  Review those in your Reader's Notebook on page 2,3 and 13
3.  I also picked 4 vocabulary words for you to know on the test.  
4.  You will also be graded with a 1, 2 or 3 for how much you can write for the essential question.  This week's question is about how learning at home is different from school and just as important.  Talk to your parents about what you have to learn at home and why they are important to know.  Be ready to share your ideas tomorrow.  You will get a 1 for some effort and 3's for more effort and more examples.
MATH: finish p. 7 and 8 (yellow packet)

School pictures will be on September 20th at 1:58!  

On TV LAND check out an episode of Little House on the Prairie to get a feel for colonial-like living!

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