Monday, October 3, 2016


Field Trip this Friday
1.  Be weather wise- watch the weather and bring a sweatshirt.  You can tie it around your waist if it's hot and put it on if it is cold.
2. You MUST wear sneakers!  There is a lot of walking and gravel walkways
3. Pack a lunch in a paperbag and then in a plastic grocery bag to avoid rips.  Make sure your name is on the outside of the bag.  No bottles, thermos, or cans.  After lunch,  nothing can be kept.  The lunches are put into a Rubbermaid tote and stored for us while we are on the tour.  We eat outside on picnic tables.  Please avoid Peanut snacks!
4.  No $ or electronics (cameras).  There is no gift shop or picture taking.  I will take a few group shots to be shared on my blog. 
LA: none:  We are reading the story of Squanto in class this week and will not have our traditional spelling, grammar and comprehension tests this week. 
MATH: p.  19-20

Progress Reports were sent home today.  Please sign and return the bottom and keep the top. 

? What was the village green used for?  What was the job of a town crier?

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