Tuesday, December 13, 2016


LA:  p. 1239 and 135
MATH: p. 79-80

?Why is this train stopping?

After reading the story, Silver Packages, I thought the students in the class could send in a warm pair of socks or mittens or a hat or scarf (just one thing from the list) to be donated to a nearby shelter this holiday season. 
The story talks about a man who delivers silver packages to a town every year to pay back a debt of gratitude.  In the packages there were mittens, socks, hats or scarves, which always seemed to be the thing the children NEEDED most.  It reminds us that this is the season for giving and doing acts of kindness that bring us joy!
I will be collecting these things until Friday, Dec. 23 and thank you!

Ask your child to tell you about this heart warming story.

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